Super Saiyan Lever Belt


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Whether you’re an Olympic lifter, powerlifter or just a casual gym-goer, the Invicta Kuru™ DBZ Lever Lifting Belt is perfect for providing additional support during those heavy, compound lifts such as deadlifts or squats.
Strong and robust, our Lifting Belt features a stainless steel double prong buckle for the perfect fit. For a sleek hand drawn Dragon Ball Z design, you can count on this one. So, whether you’re an elite athlete or a casual gym-goer, look no further than the Invicta Kuru™ Lifting Belt to support your training goals.

  • Stainless steel lever buckle
  • Suitable for heavy lifts
  • High-quality leather material
  • Sleek Dragon Ball Z design
  • 10mm thickness
  • Includes: Belt, Lever, Lever plate and Screws

Small will fit 21-30" waist - Length 100cm

Medium will fit 30-34” waist - Length 110cm

Large will fit 34-38” waist - Length 120cm

Extra Large will fit 38-45” waist - Length 130cm