Super Saiyan Yellow Wrist Wraps


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Premium Super Saiyan Vegeta Yellow wrist wraps designed to provide optimal support in the gym. For starters, these Invicta Kuru™ Premium Wrist Wraps are longer and thicker than other Wrist Wraps. They also feature an extended velcro tab alongside a thumb loop to keep them in place through every rep, so you’re safe and supported.

Invicta Kuru™ Premium Wrist Wraps can be used effectively in any situation where wrist strength and support might be beneficial, such as pressing and pushing movements.

Suitable for elite athletes or casual gym-goers, these Premium Wrist Wraps are available in a super sleek black and blue design with rubber badge branding.

- Longer and thicker than other wraps

- Ultra supportive and comfortable

- Suitable for all types of weight training

- Sleek Super Saiyan Vegeta design with leather Invicta Kuru™ badge

- Sold as a pair (2 per pack)